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How Essential Is Fire Damage Restoration In Riverhead Homes With Heavy Soot?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything When your property is affected by fire damage, you need expert help. Team SERVPRO is standing by with the equipment and the experience to help.

SERVPRO Handles Smoke Damage in Riverhead Properties Seriously to Prevent Health or Structural Issues

In the aftermath of a fire, most people focus on the deterioration of materials from the effects of the flames and heat. However, smoke damage can also be dangerous. The combustion process produces a combination of fine residues and dangerous chemicals which adhere to surfaces. Without proper restoration procedures, such materials can pose health risks to the occupants.

Incorporating smoke residue management into the fire damage restoration efforts in Riverhead helps prevent many future problems. For instance, soot has corrosive properties that can ruin finishes or damage metallic items through rusting. 

Apart from affecting the structure, light smoke residues left within the structure can escape into the air and, if breathed in, can cause respiratory issues. The best way to prevent such outcomes is to clean the property thoroughly. Our SERVPRO technicians use various approaches to capture the residues, including cleaning surfaces with chemical sponges and vacuuming soiled areas. We also open up assemblies such as cabinets and walls to reach all hidden residues when performing:

  • Fire restoration
  • House fire clean up
  • Water & fire damage restorations

SERVPRO of The North Fork handles fire damage restoration exhaustively. Call us at (631) 591-3771.

Is Hardwood Furniture Saveable with Fire Damage Restoration in Riverhead?

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything and debris everywhere Has fire residue affected your home? Call SERVPRO to put together a custom fire damage remediation plan fit for your particular situation.

SERVPRO Has Specialist Fire Damage Restoration Procedures for Residents of Riverhead

Hardwoods can be challenging to clean as they often have a lacquer or finish, which can affect their ability to counteract heat or smoke damages. Unfinished furniture can often respond poorly to solvents or other cleaning products, which, without careful pre-testing, can lead to staining or water absorption. 

When carrying out fire damage restoration in your Riverhead home, technicians pay special attention to hardwood furnishings. In some cases, the extent of the damage may be too severe for cleaning-based repair. These situations may be apparent when there are signs of blistering on the wood or extensive staining. SERVPRO can refinish hardwoods to return them to a preloss condition. 

  • The wood creme paste is a solvent cleaner that can remove cosmetic layers of finish with stains.
  • We use extra-fine steel wool to avoid damage to wood surfaces when agitating stains or smoke residues.
  • Semi-refinishing woods can help to remove water-marks or discoloration. 

Hardwoods can often be restored to a preloss condition with the correct treatment. Contact SERVPRO of The North Fork for fire damage restoration at (631) 591-3771.

Learn About the Ecology and Economy of Jamesport

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

bunch of oysters with lettering Jamesport Area Oyster Farms Help Preserve the Ecology while SERVPRO Saves your fire-damaged home or business

Jamesport Locals Have an Opportunity to Learn about Their Seafood Dinners

Have you ever gone out for dinner to one of Jamesport's excellent seafood restaurants and wondered how an oyster gets from the water to your plate in less than a day? On the evening of Thursday, January 21, a panel of local experts will help answer that question, on top of explaining the many factors that play into managing our marine ecosystems.

Ben Gonzales of Southold Bay Oysters and Paul McCormick of Great Gun Oyster Farm will explain how their seaside farms help to maintain wild shellfish populations and provide the area with fresh, delicious, and sustainable seafood. Joining them will be Steve Tettelbach of Cornell University, a shellfish ecologist. Tettelbach has many years of experience analyzing our waters' shifting conditions and formulating plans for improving local ecosystems' health.

This informative presentation will be held over Zoom free of charge and is sponsored by the Peconic Land Trust, a local nonprofit organization.

Fast-Responding Fire Restoration and Cleanup in Jamesport

SERVPRO of The North Fork is a local expert in providing fire restoration and cleanup services to the Jamesport area. Call us 24/7 at (631) 591-3771.

Riverhead Gives us a Taste of History.

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

A map of New York. SERVPRO of The North Fork cares about the community, especially when your property has an issue. Call us today.

Enjoy Life in Riverhead and Celebrate the Beauty of its Surroundings

The Peconic River hosts Riverhead in Suffolk County, New York. Northeast of New York City and accessible via ferry from Connecticut, the town serves as the home of a large cohort of Polish immigrants and their families. Mostly agricultural, Riverhead also features beaches where avid boaters and fishermen can gain access year-round.

The history of Riverhead is rich and reflects the growth of our nation. European settlers purchased the area from Native Americans in 1649, and more was added with the purchase of land from Col. William Smith. The town of Riverhead became a reality in 1792 within the context of the American Revolution. It is the county seat of Suffolk County, and most of its footprint is on water. The Long Island Railroad serves as does Suffolk County Transit and the Hampton Jitney.

This picturesque small town lets you travel back in history as you visit its downtown and historical sites. The Hallockville Museum Farm, for example, is a non-profit organization listed on the National Register of Historic Places committed to take visitors back to Long Island’s farming roots and project them onto our lives today. The Hallock family occupied the homestead for most of the 1800s until 1979 when Ella Hallock moved out at age 95. It is precisely along Sound Avenue that Eastern European immigrants settled and became an active part of the community.

The Polish Town Street Fair and Festival began in 1975 as a fundraiser for the Polish Town Civic Association. Although it was canceled in 2020, Riverhead residents and its neighboring towns look forward to polka music and pierogies each August. They also look forward to crowning a Miss Polish Town USA each year. Heritage is not the only thing the town celebrates. Also a yearly tradition in June, the Mattituck Lions Club celebrates an annual Strawberry Festival, which serves as a fundraiser and congregates vendors, live entertainment, and the traditional strawberry shortcake eating contest. The Festival’s grand finale is a firework show late into the night. Proceeds from the Festival aid organizations such as the Boy Scouts, the Peconic Bay Medical Center, the Mattituck Jazz Band, and several educational initiatives.

Not far from Riverhead, its residents can enjoy the yearly Greenport Dances in the Park series. 

Also canceled in 2020, it is due to return in 2021 for hours of fun and dancing for young and old alike. Typically held most Mondays during the summer, each music performance is designed to bring enjoyment to its spectators and get them on their feet dancing in no time! Concerts are held at Mitchell Park, and patrons are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket or chairs along with snacks.

Now that the weather is turning colder, and the health crisis has limited some of the events we traditionally celebrate, we should be thankful that the Long Island Aquarium, right here on Riverhead, is open! Indoor and outdoor exhibits make this an ideal attraction for those craving learning and entertaining. Although many programs occur throughout the day, visitors can also explore at their leisure and learn about animals in the Amazon Rainforest, turtles, and seahorses. Some new guidelines are in place. The facility is operating at a limited capacity, but making a reservation online is simple to do, and the staff is ready to welcome you in a safe environment.

Fishing in Riverhead

The Peconic River is excellent for fishing whether you venture out in a boat or choose to fish from the dock. After recent renovations, the town’s marina offers picnic tables and a great space for families to enjoy time together. Here’s what to expect when fishing in our town-

  • You can charter a boat at the dock and traverse the Peconic River
  • Be on the lookout for the Annual Snapper Tournament after Labor Day and get the whole family involved in it.
  • Fishing in Riverhead can provide an excellent tableau to learn about conservation and the environment by practicing catch and release and tag and release.
  • The River is calm even when the weather is rough, allowing avid anglers to enjoy fishing despite most weather events.

Those visitors and residents who find themselves in need of the intensity of a big city can venture to New York City for an escapade. By hopping on the Long Island Railroad or in your car, you can arrive in the heart of Manhattan for a day of enjoyment. Alternatively, you can head up to Connecticut by driving over to the Orient Point ferry station, taking the scenic boat ride into New London, and traversing the beautiful landscapes through the state and into its northern neighbors. Some claim this is the easiest way to go from deep within Long Island to Boston.

Protecting Your Riverhead Home

As weather events seem to represent a risk year-round for Riverhead homes, homeowners need to be mindful of how restoration services can help mitigate their losses. A strong storm may be the catalyst for water to come through a window or roof, just like it can cause floodwater to enter your home. Whatever the consequence, SERVPRO is here to help.

Not all disasters come from Mother Nature, though, and fire damage can be caused by ourselves. A kitchen fire, a space heater, or an aromatic candle can be the culprit of flames in your home and the ensuing smoke and soot. Enlisting a professional team such as ours helps the restoration process be more efficient and thorough. In the course of our work, we address the tangible and intangible remnants of a home fire, including the acrid smell it leaves behind.

SERVPRO of The North Fork is available 24/7 to tend to your emergency, and we do so with the latest in technology. Call us at (631) 591-3771 as soon as you detect the issue, and let us do what we do best. With our assistance, your home will look and feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Does Fire Exposure Permanently Damage Household Appliances in Riverhead?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room with a burned washing machine Recovering from fire damage in your home could cost you a lot of money for appliances alone. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Many Appliances in your Riverhead Home Can Return to a Normal State with SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Services.

Why is appliance restoration essential to fire recovery?

Appliances exist throughout your Riverhead home. These may include dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and trash compactors. Sometimes, devices are fitted into cabinets or wall spaces, making sourcing an appropriate replacement time-consuming. Equally, most appliances are resilient to fire due to their metal construction. We often find that a restoration project can be made quicker and cost-efficient by cleaning or restoration machines rather than replacement. The primary methods for content restoration are wet cleaning and polishing.

What cleaning products work on appliances?

  • Most appliances use non-absorbent materials like metal and plastic, so they can be cleaned using water-based detergent.
  • Heavy smoke residues are removable using high alkalinity products to address pH balance.
  • Aggressive cleaning using industrial cleaners or wood creme paste to polish and buffer the surface of the appliance.

Are electrical components checked during appliance restoration?

Home appliances are full of moving parts, and each one is susceptible to fire damage in your Riverhead home. SERVPRO technicians take care to disconnect devices when performing the cleaning to mitigate potential losses. Once the cleaning process is complete, we can arrange for an electronic service technician (EST) to inspect the appliance's mechanical aspects. By using an EST, we can provide you with a confirmation that your appliances are in working condition and safe to operate after a property fire.

What are the essential tips for cleaning smoke residues from appliances?

  • Begin by using a duster, feather cloth, or light-vacuum to remove loose dry soots from the surface.
  • Use a wall rinse after cleaning the surface to prevent streaking or other markings.
  • Glass cleaners can be ideal for leaving a professional, polished finish to the appliance surface.

Appliances can often be restored to a high-quality condition with the right knowledge and equipment. Contact SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.

Click here for more information about Riverhead.

How Long Will It Take to Clean My Interior After a Fire in Riverhead?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

Picture of a house consumed in smoke and fire We have advanced equipment and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Address Fire Damage So That Your Riverhead Interior is Back to Normal As Soon As Possible

It is natural to want to speed up the process when cleaning up your Riverhead home after a fire. However, each incident that SERVPRO gets called to is unique and poses its own set of challenges. We take each restoration project and treat them with care to provide you with the fastest, yet most precise results possible. Whenever you have been through a fire event in your home, you can count on us to be by your side within hours. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and our team understands how important it is for your Riverhead home to get back to normal.

How Does the Cleanup Begin?
Even if it is just hours after the initial fire damage in Riverhead, the damage will begin multiplying due to corrosive actions from soot and smoke residue throughout the affected space. Once you call us and the first responders on the scene approve entry, our crew chief begins the initial assessment. During this walkthrough, areas of damage get noted so that we may select the best tools and processes to provide the best results.

Once the fire assessment is complete, and the right equipment gets assembled, the work begins. Some of the steps that usually occur next will include:

    •    Cleaning various structures – This consists of the walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces
    •    Contents cleaning – Our skilled technicians inspect each item to determine the potential for full restoration and what must be disposed of.
    •    Odor removal – Instead of merely masking odors like traditional DIY cleaning methods, our team has the specially formulated sanitizers and solvent deodorizers to get the job done.

What if There are Tough Odors?
During the cleanup's initial phases, we remove a wide variety of materials that present with heavy soot and smoke residue. This is because any scorched materials will generate odors, and removing them will also remove odor-causing particles so that we can focus on your interior.

The cleaning efforts within your Riverhead home will depend on a range of factors. Our IICRC-certified technicians have access to a broad range of cleaning agents that get tailored to handle various types of odorous particulates. Some of the things that go into the cleaning of teach item will include:

    •    The kind of material that burned
    •    How long the fire went on
    •    The distance that the smoke traveled throughout your home

Depending on the results of these findings, it can take a day or two to handle cleanup, up to several weeks, depending on the type of restoration required.

Why Is Time an Issue?
When the damage from the fire begins to settle and the items cool, several things occur:

    •    Malodors tend to linger
    •    Soot adheres tighter to materials and makes it harder to remove
    •    Plastics may begin to yellow
    •    Other materials start to corrode

It is common for a fire to bring with it a range of side effects. SERVPRO technicians have the answer to any scenario that your restoration project brings. We will:

    •    Carefully clean soot-stained, residue-laden materials with specialized cleaning agents
    •    Remove any burnt carpeting and other unsalvageable materials
    •    Use paints and sealants to address odors that permeated the walls within the affected area
    •    Purge odors with the help of air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and other helpful tools and equipment

It is essential to remember that the heft of damage from a fire frequently does not come from the heat of the flames themselves, but rather the smoke and soot left behind. We have a proven process for handling the fallout from a fire, which includes the following steps:

    •    Containment: Our team puts barriers in place at doorways and entry points, then vent the room so that we can easily contain the soot within the loss area.
    •    Air Quality: We take necessary steps to ensure indoor air quality gets addressed by putting air scrubbers in place. This equipment grabs soot particles within the air, trapping them within the included HEPA filters.
    •    Documentation: Anything unsalvageable gets removed from your home. However, our techs carefully log each item taken away for insurance claim purposes.
    •    Pack-Outs: In some cases, we will pack up and move out contents for cleaning off-site or safe storage. This is also helpful so that our technicians have more room to work within the home.
    •    Cleaning: As with any fire damage project, we need to pay attention to odor removal and cleaning. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach, so we adjust our cleaning methods and products based on the residues present within the affected area.

SERVPRO of The North Fork is here to help with fire damage restoration on any scale. We have advanced equipment and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Call us at (631) 591-3771, and our crew makes it “Like it never even happened.”

Is Restoring My Jamesport Home After a Fire Worth the Cost, Or Should I Replace Everything?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged property To schedule a service call, contact SERVPRO of The North Fork today at (631) 591-3771.

SERVPRO Can Make Restoring Your Jamesport Home Cost Far Less Than Replacement

Is Restoration Always Cheaper?

That depends on the level of damage, and how quickly after the fire damage, restoration to a Jamesport home can begin. SERVPRO technicians use a detailed, proven process to handle these restoration tasks:

    •    Clean soot particles left on Jamesport surfaces as the fire cooled.
    •    Dispose of all furniture and other property too damaged for restoration
    •    Eliminate odors trapped in fabrics and on other furniture and surfaces
    •    Relocate any items at risk of damage during the restoration process
    •    Rebuild all structural property severely damaged in the fire

How Does the Process Start?

It begins with the initial contact after the customer calls our office. The administrative staff has a thorough checklist they use to determine which equipment and types of cleaning agents need to be brought immediately. The checklist also helps determine the number of personnel required in the initial response.

Upon arrival, the team leader examines the entire home while technicians secure the home against further damage by boarding up any broken doors and windows. If there is roof damage or large cracks in the walls created by the heat, they cover those with tarps or plywood sheets.

What Happens Next?

SERVPRO personnel now begin removing any water left by the fire department or residential sprinkler systems. Then, technicians dry out the facility using air movers and dehumidifiers. As the home dries, other team members remove the soot particles using sponges, cleaning agents, and even specialized vacuums that contain filters designed for the purpose.

After completing removal, technicians eliminate the odors in the home using masking agents, deodorizing cleaners, and even ozone generators in extreme situations. After clearing the home of odors, our carpenters and other builders repair and replace everything else damaged in the fire.

To schedule a service call, contact SERVPRO of The North Fork today at (631) 591-3771. We are here for you.

Fire Engulfed My Riverhead Kitchen and Other Rooms Have Smoke Damage. Where Should I Begin?

6/19/2020 (Permalink)

An infrared rainbow image.  No matter the amount of damage form a fire, SERVPRO will be there to assist your Riverhead home.

Seek Professional Help from SERVPRO Experts to Restore Your Fire Damaged Riverhead property.

Your kitchen is a hub for activities whose aim is nourishing your family. However, fire can break out at any moment leading to significant damage. Fortunately, SERVPRO restoration experts have undergone thorough training in handling fire damage in Riverhead homes.

What steps should I take after a fire? 

The essential step to take after a kitchen fire is to protect yourself and those who depend on you. Contact restoration experts immediately to manage the fire damage in your Riverhead residence to prevent costly damage and get you back to your daily routine. Do not forget to contact your insurance company to file your claims. Avoid the affected area to minimize the spreading of soot and smoke residues. Since you lack proper skills and equipment, do not clean any surfaces, including rooms with smoke residues. 

Can you inspect my property thoroughly?

At SERVPRO, we perform a thorough inspection, even if the damage does not look severe. Our team of technicians checks all areas, even those that you cannot readily see, including:

  • Gas lines
  • Electrical systems
  • Ductwork

The other thing we check for is water. Water reacts with soot and smoke residues if left for an extended period, causing discoloration of surfaces. If there is water damage from firefighting efforts, our technicians can use a thermal imaging camera to check for moisture. The device helps to see how water traveled in a building. 

How do you clean soot and smoke residues from appliances?

At SERVPRO, we have state-of-the-art equipment and products that help us various clean surfaces. When constructing appliances, manufacturers use metal, glass, composite materials, paint, plastic, and Formica. These surfaces are nonabsorbent, and our technicians can easily clean them using a water-based detergent solution. 

Since smoke damages present hard situations that may involve greasy soils and heavy smoke residues, we can use the Wall and All Surface Cleaner to clean your appliances. Our technicians have the skill and decades of experience in using this product on various surfaces. Before cleaning appliances, we unplug them to prevent electrical shock. We also clean the cords and look out for cracks and other defects. We can work with a competent appliance repair technician who can inspect your appliances for damage, and perform the necessary repairs. 

If there is fire damage in your home, you can seek help from SERVPRO of The North Fork. Call us at (631) 591-3771 for effective and fast restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Can I Do About the Smell in My Apartment?

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van getting ready to work Fire damage in your Riverhead home? Call SERVPRO to be rid of your odor and smoke problems

SERVPRO of Riverhead Can Remediate the Fire Damage in Your Home

Whenever someone mentions fire damage, many people imagine billowing smoke and intensely hot flames. However, unless your home has suffered a fire, many do not consider the pungent odor that burning plastics, silicones, and other materials can leave behind. Luckily for your apartment, professional clean up and remediation services can offer your home in Riverhead the chance to return to its pre-fire state.

Imagine your Riverhead apartment suffered fire damage. A sudden electrical fire burst to life in your living room and burnt the carpet, the paint on the wall, a bookshelf, books, plastics, and other knick-knacks. By the time the fire was put out, a smoldering mess was left behind. Even after a previous remediation attempt, which removed the soot stains, your home cannot seem to get rid of the stench. 

What Sets SERVPRO's Fire Damage Remediation Services Apart?

Here at SERVPRO, we specialize in fire losses and strive to bring our customers peace of mind. It is our goal to leave your home feeling, "Like it never even happened." When it comes to the malodor of fire damage, we have several techniques and devices to help, such as:

  • Thermal foggers
  • Air scrubbers
  • Ozone Machines
  • Hydroxyl Generators

Depending on the severity of the blaze, we may use one or more of these techniques or devices. For example, Ozone Machines are typically used when the premises are vacated. In comparison, air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and thermal foggers are used to tackle the malodorous particles in a concentrated area.

Can Painting Help the Smell?

Our technicians may sometimes use a special sealant paint to deal with particularly stubborn odors. Typically, we remediate this way by:

  • Cleaning the wall as thoroughly as possible to remove excess residues
  • Repainting the wall with a paint designed to lock in smells
  • Replacing furniture once the paint has cured

If fire damage has caused an unpleasant odor in your home, act now. Contact SERVPRO of The North Fork by dialing (631) 591-3771. We're here for you 24/7.

Fire Damage In Your Riverhead Home

3/21/2020 (Permalink)

fire causing damage We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

How to Deal with Fire Damaged Appliances in Your Riverhead Home

Most fires in America occur in the kitchen and typically create minimal damage. After a kitchen fire, you are left having to get rid of smoke odors and clean the soot and smoke residue off of all types of surfaces, everything from flooring to appliances.

Fire damage in your Riverhead kitchen requires a lot of cleaning. With the right products and techniques, it is relatively easy to clean your kitchen and restore it to the preloss condition. When cleaning your appliances, keep in mind that smoke residue is not your run of the mill dirt or dust, and requires special care to ensure no further damage.

First, use something dry to clean off excess residues such as a dry sponge, cloth, or even a feather duster. Wet cleaning right away may cause the residue to become engrained into porous surfaces, making it more challenging to remove. After removing the excess, you can now proceed to wet cleaning and polishing. Whether you clean or you have professional assistance, you should wear safety goggles and gloves to avoid irritating your skin and eyes with smoke residue or chemical cleaning products. You should also make sure that appliances are unplugged before cleaning.

SERVPRO has specially formulated cleaners for all types of surfaces. For appliances Wall and All Surface, Cleaner, and Ready-to-Use Glass Cleaner are typically great options. If these cleaners by themselves do not seem adequate, you may add Industrial Cleaner, or Fire Star to raise the alkalinity of the cleaning solution for more effective cleaning of harder-to-clean appliances.

Regardless of the type of cleaner, it is essential to rinse the appliances with water, so the cleaners do not impact the polished finishes. If the appliance you are cleaning has some yellowing from the heat of the fire, Wood Cream Paste is effective in removing the discoloration and polishing the surface. Glass cleaner works well at the end of the cleaning process to restore the shine to an appliance.

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.

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How SERVPRO Cleans Soot and Smoke Damage in Riverhead

2/1/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke surrounding smoke detector Smoke and soot are difficult to remove. Call SERVPRO! We have the training and equipment to clean your fire damaged home.

Cleaning Smoke-Damaged Surfaces in Riverhead Homes 

Understanding the behavior of smoke during a fire loss incident can help professionals like our SERVPRO team prepare the right tools and products to recover Riverhead homes. Convection currents generated during a structure fire perpetually force soot and smoke upwards, which can lead to some of the thickest residues in inaccessible areas of your property. Without physical compromise, it is often possible to clean and restore wallboard and ceiling materials coated with soot and smoke residues if started quickly. 

Homeowners need to recognize the hazard of circulating soot particles in their house, and the risks of exposure for even resting fire damage in their Riverhead house. Our professionals have extensive training for making the best choice in cleaning approach and products to remove residues and oily soiling entirely. This approach often involves more than a direct scrubbing of these exposed surfaces, however. 

Cleaning up soot deposits throughout a fire-damaged structure involves air quality control. Not only is clearing up a surface likely to aerosolize soot and soil, but the presence of these microscopic particles in the environment can continue to threaten surfaces getting cleaned without effective filtration. Air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators can both pull high volumes of dirty air across an onboard HEPA filter to expel a cleaner product for the house. 

Ceilings and upper portions of walls can require scaffolding or ladders to access. Getting close to the damaged surfaces can ensure that we can witness the effectiveness of specific cleaning strategies and determine whether more aggressive techniques like soda blasting or controlled demolition might be necessary. In some situations, it is more cost-effective to replace damaged ceiling panels rather than taking the time necessary to thoroughly clean and deodorize them. 

Your home can feel disheveled and overwhelmingly damaged after a structure fire, but our SERVPRO of The North Fork team can help. From clearing soot and smoke damage from the property to addressing air quality concerns, you can trust that our team of professionals can make fire loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (631) 591-3771. 

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Mitigating Holiday Fire Damage in a Jamesport Home.

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

A Christmas tree with a sparked fire on the wall  from the plugged lights on the tree. Jamesport, if you endure a fire over the holidays let SERVPRO help you through the damage.

Holidays can be wonderful, but holidays can sometimes bring unwanted damage, like fire to your Jamesport home.

Homeowners all over the country are decorating their homes for the holidays. While safety is likely, it is not always a guarantee. Between 2013 and 2017 alone, US fire departments responded to an average of 160 home fires that started due to Christmas trees. These fires caused $10 million in direct property damage each year, and electrical distribution or lighting equipment was involved in 44% of these home Christmas tree fires.

If holiday decor in your Jamesport home causes fire damage, certified SERVPRO technicians are available day and night to restore your home to a preloss condition. Not only does rapid mitigation remove the risk posed by fire damage residues, but having experienced technicians clean after a disaster occurs can help save you time, money, and stress during the holiday season.

Minimizing Holiday Fire Risks

Here are some tips to help you minimize fire damage risks during the holiday season :

  • Avoid overloading extension cords. Overuse of extension cords increases fire risk. Tightly-wound cables can build up heat without letting it dissipate, which also creates more risk for homeowners.
  • Use LED Christmas lights. Older lights heat up significantly, which can be especially risky if these lights are on a real tree. Switching to LED Christmas lights can also lower energy costs during the holiday season. 
  • Monitor carbon monoxide detectors and furnaces. Something as small as a cracked heat exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide build-up.
  • Ensure there are working smoke detectors on every floor. If you do not currently have any on your property, check with your local fire department for programs like free smoke detector installation.

SERVPRO Odor Control Methods

If fire damage odor remains after cleanup, technicians can implement multi-phase odor control techniques. The first phase in many odor control procedures is chemical containment, where the goal is to contain or block odor molecules from vaporizing into the air by spraying chemical deodorizer on them. 

Phase two is vapor odor control, which can include materials that release deodorant vapors into the air. The purpose of the second phase is to counteract the effects of odor-causing particles that became airborne before phase one. Phase three, meanwhile, typically involves thermal fogging, which allows for dry, solvent-based smoke to proliferate and penetrate porous surfaces to remove odors.

SERVPRO of The North Fork Serves the community by being Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (631) 591-3771 today to have a team at your home within hours.

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We Have The State Of The Art Equipment To Restore Your Riverhead Home

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

A closet in a home covered in soot and smoke damage in a living room after a fire A fire in this home caused smoke and soot damage and our professional crew was able to assess the damage and quickly restore the entire house.

What to Expect from Professional Fire Recovery in Riverhead Homes

Fire recovery efforts are never as straightforward as you might think, and with the need to address all levels of damage to Riverhead homes as promptly as possible, many property owners choose the experience of professional recovery teams. Our SERVPRO professionals have unique training to help address all phases of restoration and recovery, including mitigation, cleaning, air quality improvement, and content management. Knowing what to expect from our team when they first arrive can help you to be more at ease with each of these steps as they occur.

One of the unfortunate truths about any level of fire damage to Riverhead homes is that multiple symptoms exist simultaneously. Addressing one, even with the premier equipment available to our restoration team, does not address the problem as a whole. You need a team of professionals capable of addressing each of these points with efficiency and confidence. Because of our preparedness for disasters before they happen, we can arrive at the damaged residence quickly with the personnel and equipment to begin mitigation immediately.

Before we can begin restoration techniques, our crew chief and production manager must walk through the property and thoroughly assess the damage. We have sophisticated detection tools ideal for determining the extent of water damage left behind after extinguishing efforts and can also determine the deterioration or structural integrity of construction materials, flooring, framework, and other areas.

Fire damage mitigation is an entire phase of our work explicitly designed to help save our customers money by lessening the impact of fire loss damages. One of the lynch pins to this phase of our work is content management. Our SERVPRO team can separate the contents and furniture of your property from the damaged house and lingering effects by taking them to our facility for careful assessment and focused cleaning or deodorization.

Many steps make up our total fire loss restoration process, and with experience and cutting-edge equipment, our SERVPRO of The North Fork team can help. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (631) 591-3771.

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Fire and Secondary Damage in Greenport

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

fire and secondary damage

Fires are super stressful and super messy events.  If the fire was put out with extinguishers or other fire fighting apparatus there will be water or chemical fire suppression material coating surfaces of the structure and anything else present. 

At SERVPRO of the North Fork we clean up all sorts of post-fire damages.  From wipe downs to complete demolitions - your job is in good hands with us.  Smoke damaged textiles including drapery, upholstery, clothing, linens, bedding and so forth can be cleaned, some carpets as well.  Items that cannot be cleaned must be replaced.  We make sure that every item slated for the trash is inventoried for your insurance company as you may be entitled to a replacement value, depending on your policy's language.   

Fireworks Safety

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Fireworks and hot temperatures can be a dangerous combination. In addition to harming themselves, people are also in danger of lighting up their entire neighborhoods.

"What people don't realize is while they're setting off fireworks and sparklers in hot, dry heat or wind, that fires can move very quickly, putting their neighborhood directly in threat. Each year, 230 people on average go to the emergency room in the weeks leading up to and after the Fourth of July, with the majority of those injuries including burns affecting hands and fingers, eyes, arms, legs, head and ears, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Firecrackers cause 20% of those injuries, and children between the ages of 5 and 9 and adults 25 to 44 are at the most risk of injury.The National Weather Service has some tips to keep your party from ending up at the hospital or starting a fire. Though a lot of the tips seem to be common sense, they are listed because people have been injured after not observing them.

In dry areas:

• Obey local ordinances regulating the sale and use of fireworks.

• Use fireworks in a safe area, away from dry fields, forests and buildings.

• Carefully follow label directions, and always have adult supervision.

• Light one firework at a time, and handle lighters safely.

• Never point or throw fireworks at people or animals.

• Keep water and garden tools nearby. Wet towels can extinguish small flames.

• After the celebration ends, observe the area where fireworks were used to make sure everything is safe before leaving. 

SERVPRO of the North Fork available to help 24/7.

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Fire damage restoration is a process that begins as soon as the authorities say the property is safe. Fire can cause large amount of damages on your property, however, there are other damages that can seriously affect the building as well. Smoke odors can invade personal belongings and building materials. SERVPRO the North Fork understand that experiencing a fire can be devastating and is always available to help. We are fire restoration experts, we specialize in smoke and soot damage. We have extensive fire damage cleanup and restoration training to get your property back to pre-fire condition.

If your home is damage by a fire call SERVPRO of the North Fork at 631- 591-3771. We are available 24/7 to help to minimize damages at your property. 

Fire Hazards

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Power strip catching on fire.

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Potential risk of power strip catching on fire if not used properly.

  • Make sure the power strip has an internal circuit breaker that will trip the breaker when overloaded to prevent overheating.
  • Power strips vary in their capacity but should only be used for items that require light loads such as computers, printers and clocks, for example. They are not made to handle refrigerators, coffee makers, portable heaters or fans.
  • Power strips are meant for temporary use and should be unplugged when not in use.
  • If the power strip feels hot to the touch, replace it.
  •  Do not connect one power strip to another power strip. Also known as “daisy chaining.”
  • Make sure the power strip has been tested by an independent testing agency such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL).

Malfunction of Electric Panel in Long Island, NY

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Electric Panel Caused Home/Fire

Electrical panels can cause terrible fires when your home or building has old components or has not had a reputable licensed electrical contractor inspecting and maintaining your system. DIY work is not advised with panels. If your electrical system has not been properly installed, or has been tinkered with - the breakers may not trip an shut off the panel as they should, in the event of a surge or overload. Additionally bad connections and materials can cause sparks that can ignite nearby combustibles. 

The fire here in the photo was a Long Island, NY home that had a unexpected fire start in the electrical panel, located in the basement. You can see that the breaker is a total loss, an the fire spread rapidly. 

We recommend installing smoke detectors in all utility areas of your home and high risk areas: garages, basements, utility closet, laundry rooms, by any heat or high risk areas like electric panels;washer/dryers; near space heaters; oil burners/furnaces; hot water heaters.

It is wise to keep a smoke detector installed and operating in your basement, garage and anywhere your electrical box is located. 

Should you suffer a fire, know that SERVPRO of the North Fork is here to cleanup and restore your property.  We work with your insurance company to get you back to normal quickly!

A Fire Can Kill A Business - Our Top 10 List To Recover

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Fires can devastate a business.

Fire.  Combustible material.  Oxygen.  Three things that guarantee a raging fire.  When it is in a firepit - you are the fire master - king of the neighborhood.  But when your business burns down, you feel small, beaten and lost. 

I sympathize.  My family endured a catastrophic fire at the family business not too long ago.  It was one of the biggest fires ever had on the North Fork, with multiple districts responding. It was a total loss, and deeply painful.  I'd like to share my top 10 list for what to do after calling 911.

#1 Have ALL utilities and property services temporarily suspended - if the fire is still active and there is a live gas line to your building or an adjacent/nearby unit, you have a deadly  situation!  Immediately report it to both 911 and National Grid's 24/7 hotline 1-800-490-0045 to get an emergency shut off.

#2  If you have adjacent or nearby tenants, residents or businesses alert them immediately - they may have situations you are unaware of where your situation puts them in great peril. 

#3 Alert all employees and set up a mass communication method - a group text, group email or private Facebook group.

#4  Call your insurance company who will send an adjuster. 

#5 Call an independent public insurance adjuster too to make sure your insurance settlement is for the full amount you are entitled to.  

#6 Take clear photos that accurately convey the degree of damage of the structure and affected contents - don't put yourself in danger.

#7  Secure the property to avoid injuries, vandals and theft.  We do board up/tarp ups for homes and businesses 24/7. 

#8  Call us for cleanup, packout and restoration - we handle fire damages of any size.  We clean and carefully pack away as much as possible, which costs less than replacement.  Heat, smoke, water and fire fighting chemicals can cause damages where replacement may be necessary.  After your space has been rebuilt, we'll deliver all that was stored.  

#9  The next order of business is to go back to business!  Immediately - any way you can, any where you can - in a trailer, from your kitchen table, temporary rented space.  A closed business has no business and is likely to never reopen.  Don't wait for a rebuild, new fancy desks and chairs.  Start NOW.

#10 A fire is devastating, but get social.  Share with your community, vendors, customers, fans on social media.  Keep them informed with regular updates and accept their support and encouragement!  They are rooting for you. 

SERVPRO of the North Fork Cleans Up Fire Damages

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A fire is a devastating event - we are here to help!

At SERVPRO of the North Fork, we understand that a fire can be a devastating and traumatic event - an unplanned event that causes chaos and confusion because you were not planning for it.  We are here to give you some guidance on what to do to try to minimize the damage and restoration after a fire in your home or business, no matter the size. SERVPRO is always ready and available to help make it like it never even happened.  

The whole restoration process starts with one phone call, as early as possible.  As soon as you contact us, we can go to your location to inspect the scope of repairs and determine of the extent of the damage.  We work with your insurance company.  We can inventory any content that has been damaged as well as select and pack away content that is salvageable or untouched.  Once the extent of the damage has been determined, we can start with necessary cleaning and remediation of your home or business along with removing any odor, soot and smoke damage.