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Wet, debris-covered basement insulation sagging out of a ceiling cavity

Riverhead Storm Damage Insulation Removal by SERVPRO

After this Riverhead basement endured storm damage, SERVPRO technicians cleaned up the debris. The insulation in this photo is saturated with water and debris, which compromises its efficacy and is safer to replace than clean, dry, and reinstall.

Moldy framing and insulation with debris in an unfinished attic

Emergency-Response Remediation for East Northport Properties

East Northport homes can count on SERVPRO to respond to their mold remediation needs 24 hours a day. This constant availability minimizes further damage and remediates spore clusters and related debris like those shown in the photo.

Basement with standing water on the concrete floor and lower brick wall

Remediating Cutchogue Basement Water Damage

In this photo, a Cutchogue property has experienced extensive water damage impacting basement floors and walls. SERVPRO professionals can extract this water, dry the remaining moisture on surfaces, and sanitize the space with EPA-registered, OSHA-approved antimicrobials.

Water stains on walls and ceiling in a commercial space

Examining Mattituck Wall and Ceiling Water Damage

When the Mattituck business shown in this photo encountered visible water stains on its walls and ceiling, SERVPRO technicians visited the site. Restoration professionals can inspect, demolish, and mitigate water damage and microbes with OSHA-approved biocides.

A masked technician pulls up water-damaged carpet near a removed baseboard

Restoring Manorville Carpet Water Damage After Disaster

The Manorville property in this photo required professional carpet inspection and cleaning from SERVPRO professionals. A small baseboard was removed so carpet and pad could be pulled up for assessment of moisture content, which helps techs formulate a drying strategy.

SERVPRO tech evaluates floor moisture with a non-penetrating sensor near an air mover

SERVPRO Tools Can Inspect and Restore Mattituck Homes

When Mattituck homes require emergency response disaster remediation, SERVPRO provides that with commercial-grade tools, including inspection and drying equipment like those shown in the photo. Moisture measurement throughout drying is key to successful water damage mitigation.

Partially sealed SERVPRO Green drying pad, air movers, and a dehumidifier operating in a bathroom

Bathroom Water Damage Drying by SERVPRO of The North Fork

SERVPRO of The North Fork technicians responded to a call for bathroom water cleanup. Their low-profile extraction pad created a contained environment for more efficient drying. Air movers and dehumidifiers like those in the photo collected and removed moisture.

Charring on hardwood floor in front of a raised brick fireplace and holiday ornaments

Wading River Candle Fire Damage Cleanup

A holiday wreath fell on a candle at the Wading River property in this photo and ignited, causing fire damage to the flooring. SERVPRO can address charring on hardwood with abrasion cleaning and refinishing to salvage floorboards.

SERVPRO green floor drying mat implemented next to stackable air mover

Drying Floor Water Damage in an Orient Home

The Orient home in the photo endured flooring water damage in an upstairs hallway that required careful removal. SERVPRO floor drying mats allow for floor drying with little to no demolition while still remediating moisture content to a pre-damage state.

Exposed wood framing around skylight shows damaged insulation and chimney ductwork

Manorville Home Mold Cleanup for Walls and Skylights

The Manorville property in this photo experienced moisture exposure near the skylight that left insulation, wall studs, and ceiling joists soaked long enough to cause stains and mold growth. SERVPRO remediates microbes with EPA-registered biocides and drying equipment 24/7.

Standing water in a finished basement hallway

Cutchogue Basement Needs Fast Water Removal

SERVPRO techs arrived to find standing water in this Cutchogue finished basement. They will scope the area with their moisture detection equipment to determine if wicking occurred within the walls and if so, how far up to save as much of the wall as possible from additional water damage. 

Finished basement with column supports and brown leather furniture

Mount Sinai Basement Has Water Damage From Pipe Burst

This finished basement in Mount Sinai had approximately two inches of standing water after a pipe burst. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO to extract the water and dry the basement. For large furnishings, SERVPRO dries on blocks when possible to limit the disruption to the home. 

Water Removal - Aquebogue, NY

This damaged carpet inside a Aquebogue home was caused by a heavy rain. We responded quickly and immediately began the water removal process. Once the water was removed, we began drying the carpet and baseboards. The carpet looked like new when our job was complete and the homeowners were very pleased with our service. Have Questions? Call Us Today - We're Here To Help 631-591-3771.

Heavy Rain lead to a lot of Damages - Riverhead, NY

This is the aftermath of a basement flood by a heavy storm rain in Riverhead, NY. When we arrived on the scene there was a lot standing water. We quickly assess damages and started with the remediation to prevent further damages to the property. 

Drywall ceiling with mold growth on it

Mold Grows Fast on Drywall

Drywall is one of the most common materials mold grows, it composed for a substance high in cellulose that stimulates it's grown. As there is no practical way to completely remove mold from drywall, you will need to cut out and dispose of any drywall you discovered which has mold on it. The photo shows extensive mold grown found in ceiling of this house in Long Island, NY.

business entrance with mold growing on the wall

Don't Let your Home be Ruined by Mold

If you see signs of mold or suspect that your property is infected don't leave it unnoticed. Mold can grow quickly indoors on wet or damp surfaces, such as wallpaper, ceiling tiles, carpets, insulation material, wood and drywall. SERVPRO of the North Fork was here to help to re-mediate the problem and prevent further damages at this property. 

Soot Damages After a Fire

Soot damages is quite common after a fire. Soot can be difficult, sometimes impossible to remove. But there is not a task that our team cannot resolve.  SERVPRO of the North Fork carries several products specifically designed for the removal of soot from a variety of surfaces.

SERVPRO of the North Fork Uses Special Carpet Machines

Carpet extractor and carpet cleaner machine that is an excellent extractor that uses high heat and pressures to remove dirt and soil from carpet and most types of upholstery. We use special machines to provide the best results for your property. 

Stoves can Cause Fires

The kitchen is a pretty common starting point for any residential or commercial fire. They are plenty of factors that can kick-start a fire in your kitchen. In the photo show where this commercial restaurant had a fire started. We assess all damages and worked quickly to restore their business to pre-fire conditions. 

Is your Laminate Floor Damaged?

Saturated laminate wood flooring becomes warped and damage. After a water damage improperly addressed your floors can be permanently damage and some cases even with mold. When this occurs, your only option becomes to replace the planks with new ones which specially with laminate floors it's really difficult to find perfectly matching laminate. No matter what you do, make sure you speak with a professional. 

Commercial Disasters are Best Left to the Professionals.

Dealing with sewage backup and water in your commercial building can be dangerous. It's important to assess the risk before attempting any cleanup. This type of disaster is best left to the professionals at SERVPRO of the North fork, keep yourself and your employees safe. 

Plumbing Issues is a Common Cause of Household Water Leaks

Many water damages start with a plumbing problem, while some plumbing issues occur within the walls and are impossible to detect, many happen because of pipe joints not being fully attached or your plumbing systems ages, rust and other forms of corrosion may eat away the pipes. If you have an older plumbing system, consider replacing the pipes at high risk of corrosion for newer. 

Unexpected Tornado Can Cause Severe Property Damage

An unexpected tornado can bring wind damage and hail damage. Storm damage caused by a powerful hurricane can cause severe property damage and flooding. At SERVPRO of the North fork we offer immediate help.

House after a Hurricane in Manorville, NY

Hurricanes on Long Island can create lots of water damage, this home had several inches of standing water after a hurricane. If you are in an area prone to water intrusion, make sure that your valuables and irreplaceable items and documents are in water safe zone.  

White door with moisture and mold growth on the bottom corner

Mold growth in Basement in Southold, NY

This basement had mold in multiple areas requiring remediation and cleanup.  A team was dispatched to remove affected areas, clean and sanitize.  Once completed, the areas were ready to be recovered.

Water Damage in your Business

Long Island, NY.  Water damage inside of a business can be a major setback.  Having your operations interrupted, your inventory and stock damaged - the faster you call us at SERVPRO the faster you leave your disaster.

Window with mold growth on white sheer curtains

Moisture on windows can develop Mold Growth

Moisture on windows is caused by the lower dew point of the glass. This is a common problems in damp homes, Mold grows in damp areas where there is food sources such as dust dirt or organic materials, to prevent this try to clean regularly your windows and surrounds.

Fire Extinguisher Residues

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire with a lot of fire extinguisher residues all over the kitchen. There are different methods to clean fire extinguisher residues depending on the type of extinguisher you used. Call us if you have fire extinguisher residues in your property Our professionals can assist you to determine what is the suitable methods to clean affected areas & get it back to normal. 

Roof leak Affected Locker Room in Fire Department Facility

If your business suffered a roof leak, our team at SERVPRO o The North Fork is committed to using modern drying technology and water damage repair techniques. Our team will assess quickly the damages to avoid further deterioration to your property.  

Commercial Water Damage

If your business has suffered flood damage, The professionals at SERVPRO the North Fork Can help. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need. 

Microwave is a Fire Hazard in your Kitchen

In this photo we can see the aftermath of a microwave caught fire . Microwaves can easy start fires, if certain materials placed inside begin to heat and burn, which causes a fire. 

If you have a questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage? Call Us Today – (631) 591-3771

Room with mold growth on walls and ceilings

Improper Drying after a Water Damage can Lead to Mold Growth

Mold can begin to grow in a moist environment in as little as 48 hours. Once water is removed, you’ll want to pull out any waterlogged items like carpets, furnishings, and insulation.

Our advanced equipment helps to detect hidden moisture, extract the standing water quickly, and thoroughly clean and dry your home and belongings. 

Water Damage in Department Store

Water damage can destroy items and cause damage to your business long after the water itself has been removed. To prevent mold and mildew, it is essential that you have a proper water damage restoration to dry everything out as soon as you can. 

Strong Winds Can Damage your Roof

Photo shows roof damage by strong winds during a storm. If damages are left undetected, water from future storms can damage the underlayment and cause roof rot to the decking. Eventually, the water will begin leaking into your home.

Strong winds can also lift or break the sealing strip on shingles, if not fixed immediately, could cause mold growth, roof leaks and damage to interior of the house.

Flood caused by a Storm

In case of a flood or water damage caused in any way possible, call the professionals at SERVPRO of the North Fork to clean your home or business property. We'll remove standing water, clean & sanitized affected areas as well as set up necessary drying equipment. 

Drywall with mold spots

Mold Grown on Drywall

Drywall is a substance high in cellulose, it is one of the most common materials mold grows in the home. As there is no practical way to completely remove mold from drywall, you will have to cut out and dispose of any drywall you discover which has mold growing on it.

Fire Damage

This was the aftermath of a fire damage in the entire home. There was significant smoke and soot damage. Our professional crew was able to assess the damage and quickly restore the entire house. 

Protect your Home from Freezing Temperatures

Prepare and protect your household of the extreme temperatures conditions. Review this handy checklist, will help you be more prepares for whatever winter may come. 

  1. Check external walls. 
  2. Keep your garage door closed.
  3. Keep your gutters clean. 
  4. Keep attic vents and soffit clear. 
  5. Insulate pipes. 
  6. Satiety heat your home. 

Water Damage in Laundry Room

Dripping water from the ceiling is a sign you have a leak, first identify the source of a ceiling leak. Although identifying the source is not an easy task, finding the source could be like a puzzle that SERVPRO of the North Fork can resolve for you, we can go and inspect to determinate where the water is coming from, stop the source, identify category of water and damage assessment to prevent further deterioration to your property.

Fire Extinguisher Could be Toxic?

Extinguisher powder is not toxic but if you consume some of the powder, it could cause discomfort to your stomach as well as make your throat sore. Meanwhile inhalation from fire extinguisher is very dangerous, it may cause difficulties breathing or could irritate mucous membranes. Avoid inhaling and certainly stay away from ingesting quantities of the powder. If you are in doubt as to the dangers, go ahead and call SERVPRO of the North Fork, we will make it, "Like it never even happened".

Floor Buckling in Southold, NY

Wood floor buckling are cause by excessive humidity inside or under your home. In water damage situations were the humidity in the entire house is high, not be able to control it soon enough can lead in a massive damage to your wood floors.

Ceiling Collapse in Riverhead, NY

You my not believe how a simple leak can become a nightmare for you. If water damages has compromises your drywall, it usually happens without a notice and entire ceiling crashes to the floor. You will see small dimples in drywall, if you see this happening move all valuables and furniture from the room before ceiling collapse. As shown in the photo all damage a simple leak can cause in your property.