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Riverhead Gives us a Taste of History.

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

A map of New York. SERVPRO of The North Fork cares about the community, especially when your property has an issue. Call us today.

Enjoy Life in Riverhead and Celebrate the Beauty of its Surroundings

The Peconic River hosts Riverhead in Suffolk County, New York. Northeast of New York City and accessible via ferry from Connecticut, the town serves as the home of a large cohort of Polish immigrants and their families. Mostly agricultural, Riverhead also features beaches where avid boaters and fishermen can gain access year-round.

The history of Riverhead is rich and reflects the growth of our nation. European settlers purchased the area from Native Americans in 1649, and more was added with the purchase of land from Col. William Smith. The town of Riverhead became a reality in 1792 within the context of the American Revolution. It is the county seat of Suffolk County, and most of its footprint is on water. The Long Island Railroad serves as does Suffolk County Transit and the Hampton Jitney.

This picturesque small town lets you travel back in history as you visit its downtown and historical sites. The Hallockville Museum Farm, for example, is a non-profit organization listed on the National Register of Historic Places committed to take visitors back to Long Island’s farming roots and project them onto our lives today. The Hallock family occupied the homestead for most of the 1800s until 1979 when Ella Hallock moved out at age 95. It is precisely along Sound Avenue that Eastern European immigrants settled and became an active part of the community.

The Polish Town Street Fair and Festival began in 1975 as a fundraiser for the Polish Town Civic Association. Although it was canceled in 2020, Riverhead residents and its neighboring towns look forward to polka music and pierogies each August. They also look forward to crowning a Miss Polish Town USA each year. Heritage is not the only thing the town celebrates. Also a yearly tradition in June, the Mattituck Lions Club celebrates an annual Strawberry Festival, which serves as a fundraiser and congregates vendors, live entertainment, and the traditional strawberry shortcake eating contest. The Festival’s grand finale is a firework show late into the night. Proceeds from the Festival aid organizations such as the Boy Scouts, the Peconic Bay Medical Center, the Mattituck Jazz Band, and several educational initiatives.

Not far from Riverhead, its residents can enjoy the yearly Greenport Dances in the Park series. 

Also canceled in 2020, it is due to return in 2021 for hours of fun and dancing for young and old alike. Typically held most Mondays during the summer, each music performance is designed to bring enjoyment to its spectators and get them on their feet dancing in no time! Concerts are held at Mitchell Park, and patrons are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket or chairs along with snacks.

Now that the weather is turning colder, and the health crisis has limited some of the events we traditionally celebrate, we should be thankful that the Long Island Aquarium, right here on Riverhead, is open! Indoor and outdoor exhibits make this an ideal attraction for those craving learning and entertaining. Although many programs occur throughout the day, visitors can also explore at their leisure and learn about animals in the Amazon Rainforest, turtles, and seahorses. Some new guidelines are in place. The facility is operating at a limited capacity, but making a reservation online is simple to do, and the staff is ready to welcome you in a safe environment.

Fishing in Riverhead

The Peconic River is excellent for fishing whether you venture out in a boat or choose to fish from the dock. After recent renovations, the town’s marina offers picnic tables and a great space for families to enjoy time together. Here’s what to expect when fishing in our town-

  • You can charter a boat at the dock and traverse the Peconic River
  • Be on the lookout for the Annual Snapper Tournament after Labor Day and get the whole family involved in it.
  • Fishing in Riverhead can provide an excellent tableau to learn about conservation and the environment by practicing catch and release and tag and release.
  • The River is calm even when the weather is rough, allowing avid anglers to enjoy fishing despite most weather events.

Those visitors and residents who find themselves in need of the intensity of a big city can venture to New York City for an escapade. By hopping on the Long Island Railroad or in your car, you can arrive in the heart of Manhattan for a day of enjoyment. Alternatively, you can head up to Connecticut by driving over to the Orient Point ferry station, taking the scenic boat ride into New London, and traversing the beautiful landscapes through the state and into its northern neighbors. Some claim this is the easiest way to go from deep within Long Island to Boston.

Protecting Your Riverhead Home

As weather events seem to represent a risk year-round for Riverhead homes, homeowners need to be mindful of how restoration services can help mitigate their losses. A strong storm may be the catalyst for water to come through a window or roof, just like it can cause floodwater to enter your home. Whatever the consequence, SERVPRO is here to help.

Not all disasters come from Mother Nature, though, and fire damage can be caused by ourselves. A kitchen fire, a space heater, or an aromatic candle can be the culprit of flames in your home and the ensuing smoke and soot. Enlisting a professional team such as ours helps the restoration process be more efficient and thorough. In the course of our work, we address the tangible and intangible remnants of a home fire, including the acrid smell it leaves behind.

SERVPRO of The North Fork is available 24/7 to tend to your emergency, and we do so with the latest in technology. Call us at (631) 591-3771 as soon as you detect the issue, and let us do what we do best. With our assistance, your home will look and feel, “Like it never even happened.”

Enjoy Broadway Music in Riverhead While Having a Delicious Meal

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

employee posing by truck Enjoy the show in Riverhead. SERVPRO can remediate the mold from your home.

Book a Table at Calissa in Riverhead to Enjoy an Off-Broadway Performance

Experience musical entertainment on Thursday, December 3rd, at 7:00 PM while enjoying a Mediterranean dinner. Tony Award-Winning musicians perform pop hits for the whole family to enjoy. Although this event is free, you should reserve a table beforehand to ensure your seat at the performance. Limited seating for a set number of guests is available. Due to additional safety precautions, seating is spaced out and away from the performers.

In Addition to Music, What Does Calissa Offer?

  • Greek and Mediterranean cuisine is prepared in traditional form.
  • Dishes range from Lobster Bucatini to Souvlaki platters.
  • Private and event dining options.
  • Calissa uses local, sustainably sourced, and organic options whenever possible.
  • The restaurant also delivery and take-out options.

If you are looking to mitigate mold removal in Riverhead and the surrounding area, contact SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771. We are available 24/7 for your mold removal needs.

Why is it Essential that Flood Damage Teams in Jamesport Understand Building and Material Science?

10/31/2020 (Permalink)

flooded home and stairway after a storm If your historic home suffers from flood damage, time is of the essence. Contact Team SERVPRO for effective water removal services.

Jamesport Residents Need Flood Damage Control that suits Their Homes

Jamesport is a small, quaint hamlet with a variety of exciting and historic homes. Residents love how much character the area has, and of course, they want to preserve the character of their homes in the event of a disaster.

Flood damage in Jamesport can cause many problems:

  • Soaked carpets and drapes
  • Warped wooden floors or furniture
  • Structural damage to insulation, drywall, or door and window frames
  • Unsanitary conditions if the floodwater is contaminated

Floods also increase the risk of mold growth in your home by providing the moisture that spores need to propagate. If you do not get help quickly, you could be left with irreparable items and an unpleasant damp smell.

Thankfully, SERVPRO of The North Fork is available 24 hours. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster – you can expect a visit within four hours of contacting us.

What is building and material science?

In the restoration industry, building and material science refers to understanding different building types and building materials, and how to dry them.

A thorough understanding of different construction materials is the foundation of flood damage restoration in Jamesport. That is why SERVPRO trains all of its staff to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. IICRC training means our technicians understand how to work with different materials and create a drying plan that is unique to each dwelling.

Why is building and material science important in flood remediation?

Knowledge of building and material science helps our technicians to:

  • Carry out accurate moisture inspection
  • Correctly identify the materials present in your home 
  • Correctly identify the assembly of each component
  • Draw up a detailed drying plan

Knowing about building and material science makes it easier to anticipate challenges and take steps to mitigate them before they become an issue. It also allows us to calculate how to dry your home and which equipment is best to use. This is especially important in an area like the North Fork, where there are so many historic and unique houses.

What is a building envelope and why does it matter?

The building envelope means everything that separates the inside of your home from the outside. It includes exterior walls, the roof, ceilings, finished floors, windows and doors, and the foundation. Homes are not completely airtight. The IICRC ranks houses according to how well the building envelopes prevents external conditions from influencing inside conditions:

  • A tight envelope means we can control drying conditions without significant effects from outside
  • A moderate envelope means that the outside conditions will moderately impact drying conditions
  • A loose envelope means that the conditions outside will significantly impact the conditions inside

To determine where your home falls on this scale, we will consider its age, its construction, the condition of windows and doors, whether there is any damage to the roof, and other details.

Understanding the building envelope makes it easier for us to determine the correct placement of air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers while we dry your home.

What are mechanical systems and why do they matter?

Mechanical systems sound fancy, but it just refers to plumbing, air, and heating. Examples of mechanical systems include plumbing, the HVAC, exhaust vents, electrical points, and fireplaces. Awareness of these systems is critical when drying after flood damage because they can affect a room's air pressure and temperature.

For example, if flood water damages your bathroom, and SERVPRO wants to set up a drying system, we must be aware of the bathroom vents and fan. Vents and fans can allow air to escape, creating a negative air situation. Air will rush in to replace the air that went out. If the incoming air is colder or damper than the escaping air, that can affect our drying system, and we must adjust accordingly.

Why must SERVPRO technicians understand the movement of air, heat, and water?

The design of your home can impact the way air, heat, and water move through it. For example, as well as known air entry and escape points, like doors, there may be cracks in masonry. We know that hot air always moves towards cold air, which means hot air will flow towards the outside in the winter. Air and temperature can also be affected if you turn on your HVAC or bathroom exhaust fan while we are working.

Water can move as liquid along surfaces, as vapor, or by materials wicking moisture from the air. Our technicians can trace the movement using moisture meters and probes, and we can measure humidity during drying.

A thorough understanding of building and material science means SERVPRO can remedy water damage more quickly and efficiently, so you can get on with your life.

For help with water damage, call SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.

Does Fire Exposure Permanently Damage Household Appliances in Riverhead?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room with a burned washing machine Recovering from fire damage in your home could cost you a lot of money for appliances alone. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Many Appliances in your Riverhead Home Can Return to a Normal State with SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration Services.

Why is appliance restoration essential to fire recovery?

Appliances exist throughout your Riverhead home. These may include dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and trash compactors. Sometimes, devices are fitted into cabinets or wall spaces, making sourcing an appropriate replacement time-consuming. Equally, most appliances are resilient to fire due to their metal construction. We often find that a restoration project can be made quicker and cost-efficient by cleaning or restoration machines rather than replacement. The primary methods for content restoration are wet cleaning and polishing.

What cleaning products work on appliances?

  • Most appliances use non-absorbent materials like metal and plastic, so they can be cleaned using water-based detergent.
  • Heavy smoke residues are removable using high alkalinity products to address pH balance.
  • Aggressive cleaning using industrial cleaners or wood creme paste to polish and buffer the surface of the appliance.

Are electrical components checked during appliance restoration?

Home appliances are full of moving parts, and each one is susceptible to fire damage in your Riverhead home. SERVPRO technicians take care to disconnect devices when performing the cleaning to mitigate potential losses. Once the cleaning process is complete, we can arrange for an electronic service technician (EST) to inspect the appliance's mechanical aspects. By using an EST, we can provide you with a confirmation that your appliances are in working condition and safe to operate after a property fire.

What are the essential tips for cleaning smoke residues from appliances?

  • Begin by using a duster, feather cloth, or light-vacuum to remove loose dry soots from the surface.
  • Use a wall rinse after cleaning the surface to prevent streaking or other markings.
  • Glass cleaners can be ideal for leaving a professional, polished finish to the appliance surface.

Appliances can often be restored to a high-quality condition with the right knowledge and equipment. Contact SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.

Click here for more information about Riverhead.

Why Should Jamestown Homeowners React Quickly to Excess Water?

10/24/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Call SERVPRO of The North Fork (631) 591-3771 to assist with water mitigation and restoration of your home.

Water Damage In Jamestown

Many Jamestown homes experience damage from water entering their homes every year. Water leaks, broken windows and doors, and more cause thousands of dollars in damage. Water can spread across floors, soaking carpets, seeping under baseboards, and entering cavities inside walls and under cupboards. There are short term and potential long term impacts of water in your home.

The SERVPRO team has over 30 years of experience in water mitigation in Jamestown and surrounding areas. We have seen the effects of not reacting quickly to water inside homes. Everything from soaked and damaged carpets must be replaced, to mold growth inside walls and even structural damage to cabinets and wall materials.

• Carpet fibers can separate from the backing causing permeant damage.
• Mold colonies begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours
• Particleboard, a common material used for cabinets, absorbs water, swells, and disintegrates

A fast response by our SERVPRO team can mitigate much of this damage.

What are the Steps Homeowners Should Take Immediately?
The amount of water inside your home should determine the response homeowners need to consider. One of the most important is to remain safe and avoid accidents caused by slips and falls or electrical hazards. Homeowners should consider the following in their response:

• If possible, stop the source of water in your home
• Check safety issues, especially electrical hazards.
• Turn off the power to the area of your home that is affected.
• Call your insurance company and call SERVPRO for assistance
• Mop up access water
• Remove objects from the floor that could be damaged, including anything that could bleed color onto the flooring
• Follow the recommendations of your insurance adjuster and the SERVPRO team to mitigate additional water damage.

Many homeowners incur thousands of dollars in additional damage by not following and acting immediately to mitigate the damage water can cause. Fast and safe action can reduce the damage done to your possessions, especially valued family heirlooms.

Call SERVPRO of The North Fork (631) 591-3771 to assist with water mitigation and restoration of your home.

What Makes SERVPRO Better at Remediating Fire Damage Than Other Services?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged barrier tape at house SERVPRO Says Do Not Enter Your Fire Damaged Home in Riverhead--Let Us First Secure Against Hazards

We are More Effective Than Other Riverhead Services Because of Our Extensive Training and Experience, State-Of-The-Art Equipment, and Dedication to Customer Service.

There are a million and one reasons why people choose to live in Riverhead.  Chief among these are its rural charm and laid-back lifestyle.  Our town is filled with the lush greenery of several golf courses, parks, gardens, farms, and vineyards.  Thus blessed, residents have numerous venues for leisure activities and quiet reflection.  All of this makes for an idyllic life when things go normally, but your whole world could rapidly change if an accident happens.  Some of the most common misfortunes that befall locals are house fires.  These can occur at almost any time, without much forewarning, to even the most careful homeowners.  Whenever fire does ravage your home, you need top-notch professional assistance to return your life to normal.    

Why is SERVPRO One of this Area’s Most Trusted Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration Companies?

Over the years, SERVPRO has built a strong reputation as one of the most trusted Riverhead fire damage remediation services.  Our neighbors have given us this honorable distinction for many reasons.  Some of the things that are indicative of our reliability and advanced fire damage clean up, and restoration capabilities are:

  • The extensive industry experience our owners and staff possess; our owners have over thirty years of restoration industry experience, while staff members have decades of combined experience
  • Our long-standing ties and dedication to the local community; company technicians are neighbors that live and work in your community, and our owners have always lived on Long Island and are dedicated to serving its residents
  • The various major awards we have received recognizing excellence in customer service and sales performance
  • The perfect five-star customer satisfaction rating we have achieved on both Facebook and Yelp

All of these impressive indicators signal to potential customers SERVPRO’s advanced industry knowledge, skillfulness, and intense dedication to its customers’ satisfaction.

What Kind of Training Makes SERVPRO Technicians More Effective Than Those from Other Services? 

Company professionals benefit greatly from the extensive training they receive, and it is this training that makes them far more effective than those from other remediation companies.  SERVPRO employees complete both in-house instruction and training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  Some of the industry education they receive includes:

  • Initial franchise owner instruction that covers all major restoration topics
  • In-house crew certification training in essential remediation subjects
  • IICRC training and certification in specialized areas like fire & smoke damage restoration, carpet cleaning, upholstery & fabric cleaning, and odor control  
  • Ongoing, web-based courses that refresh staff members’ industry knowledge

When taken together, this educational regimen serves to fully inform owners and technicians about all the latest restoration techniques, as well as help them maintain and continually expand on their knowledge base.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Clean and Restore Your Fire-Damaged Home?

Our skilled professionals are uniquely skilled at remediating fire-damaged residences.  They can expertly handle everything from simple cleanups to major reconstructions.  When our technicians arrive on-site, they are generally able to perform the following services:

  • Inspection and assessment of fire damage
  • Removal of fire-related debris and irreparable items
  • Relocation and warehousing of valuable or sensitive belongings
  • Controlled demolitions of unsound sections of your home
  • Elimination of soot residues via dry, wet, abrasive, and other removal methods
  • Deodorization of structural elements, contents, and interior spaces
  • Extensive reconstructions of destroyed sections of your residence

In combining our expertise in fire damage cleaning & mitigation and structural reconstruction, we offer customers a convenient one-stop option for complete fire recovery.  Moreover, we empower clients by keeping them informed of our progress and starting no work that they do not first approve.    

Properly handling fire damage is essential if you want to prevent further damage to your possessions and maintain the livability of your home.  Following a fire, burned structural elements and contents often leave soot residues on surfaces and spread odorous particles throughout your house.  Often, the residues are acidic and can discolor, tarnish, or otherwise damage anything they accumulate on.  They can also give off difficult-to-eliminate smells that can make living in your residence unbearable.  Simultaneously, airborne smoke particles can land on surfaces around your home and be further spread by ventilation systems.  This particle movement could make unpleasant fire-related smells even harder to neutralize.

Considering the risks associated with not dealing with fire damage quickly and effectively, it is paramount that you contact a good, reputable, high-quality fire damage remediation service for help as soon as you can after a fire event.  If you ever need help overcoming a house fire, call your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.

How Do Owners Restore Their Jamesport Businesses After a Water Intrusion?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in property To get started restoring any business facility here or in Riverhead, call SERVPRO of The North Fork today at (631) 591-3771.

For Complete Restoration, Jamesport Business Owners Call SERVPRO

What Is Needed Besides Removing Water to Restore a Business?
Most Jamesport businesses are not industrial operations, so the restoration of the structure and office furniture or appliances is needed to provide a clean, safe environment for returning customers, as well as employees. SERVPRO restoration specialists understand that removing standing water is not enough if there is moisture behind furniture, pooling in corners, under counters, and even dripping down walls.

What Happens After Removing the Standing Water?
For complete commercial water restoration in Jamesport businesses such as coffee shops, our specialists increase air circulation and evaporation with several key pieces of equipment:

    •    Fans – After setting these up at entrances and exits, specialists can draw out damp air from inside the shop and force it outside.
    •    Air Movers – Personnel, use these to generate a flow of warm air that carefully dries everything from tables and chairs to the underside of counters, appliances, and everything else that cannot be moved or easily shifted around. By adjusting the speed and heat of the airflow, specialists can also use them on drywall and ceiling tiles if the leak came from an overhead pipe.
    •    Long-Handled Squeegees – They may be low-tech, but these tools are still the best choice for drawing water out of corners and from under refrigerators and ovens.

Is Cleaning Needed in This Situation?
Yes. There are no contaminants with a water leak as there would be with outside flooding, but there is still the dirt and other debris that accumulate in any food-service operation. Specialists use a commercial-grade cleaner to finish the job and also include an anti-bacterial agent if needed.

To get started restoring any business facility here or in Riverhead, call SERVPRO of The North Fork today at (631) 591-3771. We are here to make your water intrusion, “Like it never even happened.”

How Can a Restoration Company Help After Flood Waters Damage My Home?

9/4/2020 (Permalink)

Home in flood water Don't let flood water take over your home. Call the experienced professionals at SERVPRO. We will arrive on scene immediately.

SERVPRO Can Help With More Than Just Removing The Floodwater From Your Jamesport Home.

Can I Retrieve my Jewelry, Computer, and Heirlooms?

Floodwaters can damage your Jamesport home in a matter of minutes. Many homeowners barely have time to escape to the second floor of their home or reach higher ground before floodwaters rage through their neighborhood, destroying everything. Once the water has subsided, owners want to return to assess the damage and retrieve various items vital to them. Many are concerned about losing expensive jewelry and heirlooms in all of the confusion after a storm.

SERVPRO urges consumers to avoid immediately entering their houses after a flood has damaged their Jamesport homes. There are many dangers to avoid, including toxic chemicals, live electrical wires, fuel leaks, and even animals that may have been carried into homes by the water. We can help verify your home is safe to enter, retrieve a variety of items, assess their cleanliness, and clean them if needed. Our technicians maintain an inventory of all items removed by our team and the homeowner for safekeeping. The inventory list, which notes the condition of each piece, is used for insurance purposes.

I Have Insurance, How Can I Make a Detailed Claim?

SERVPRO specializes in cleaning and restoring homes and businesses after floodwaters have inundated neighborhoods. We maintain detailed records of all damage, any contents that cannot be cleaned, and those that can be returned to their preloss condition.

We complete a full inspection of your home, noting the damage caused by floodwaters, including recommendations for removing flooring materials, and flood cuts on walls to remove drywall. Damage to appliances and furniture, along with smaller items, is also recorded.

Our team leader can work closely with your insurance company to provide any information needed to make a claim covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Many customers have flood insurance with a deductible, which is paid by the homeowner. Note that this deductible amount is subtracted from your claim by your insurance company.

We work closely with the homeowner and their insurance company to return your home to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of The North Fork (631) 591-3771 to assist with flood damage restoration, recovery, and reconstruction.

See more about Jamesport.

How Long Will It Take to Clean My Interior After a Fire in Riverhead?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

Picture of a house consumed in smoke and fire We have advanced equipment and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

SERVPRO Works Quickly to Address Fire Damage So That Your Riverhead Interior is Back to Normal As Soon As Possible

It is natural to want to speed up the process when cleaning up your Riverhead home after a fire. However, each incident that SERVPRO gets called to is unique and poses its own set of challenges. We take each restoration project and treat them with care to provide you with the fastest, yet most precise results possible. Whenever you have been through a fire event in your home, you can count on us to be by your side within hours. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and our team understands how important it is for your Riverhead home to get back to normal.

How Does the Cleanup Begin?
Even if it is just hours after the initial fire damage in Riverhead, the damage will begin multiplying due to corrosive actions from soot and smoke residue throughout the affected space. Once you call us and the first responders on the scene approve entry, our crew chief begins the initial assessment. During this walkthrough, areas of damage get noted so that we may select the best tools and processes to provide the best results.

Once the fire assessment is complete, and the right equipment gets assembled, the work begins. Some of the steps that usually occur next will include:

    •    Cleaning various structures – This consists of the walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces
    •    Contents cleaning – Our skilled technicians inspect each item to determine the potential for full restoration and what must be disposed of.
    •    Odor removal – Instead of merely masking odors like traditional DIY cleaning methods, our team has the specially formulated sanitizers and solvent deodorizers to get the job done.

What if There are Tough Odors?
During the cleanup's initial phases, we remove a wide variety of materials that present with heavy soot and smoke residue. This is because any scorched materials will generate odors, and removing them will also remove odor-causing particles so that we can focus on your interior.

The cleaning efforts within your Riverhead home will depend on a range of factors. Our IICRC-certified technicians have access to a broad range of cleaning agents that get tailored to handle various types of odorous particulates. Some of the things that go into the cleaning of teach item will include:

    •    The kind of material that burned
    •    How long the fire went on
    •    The distance that the smoke traveled throughout your home

Depending on the results of these findings, it can take a day or two to handle cleanup, up to several weeks, depending on the type of restoration required.

Why Is Time an Issue?
When the damage from the fire begins to settle and the items cool, several things occur:

    •    Malodors tend to linger
    •    Soot adheres tighter to materials and makes it harder to remove
    •    Plastics may begin to yellow
    •    Other materials start to corrode

It is common for a fire to bring with it a range of side effects. SERVPRO technicians have the answer to any scenario that your restoration project brings. We will:

    •    Carefully clean soot-stained, residue-laden materials with specialized cleaning agents
    •    Remove any burnt carpeting and other unsalvageable materials
    •    Use paints and sealants to address odors that permeated the walls within the affected area
    •    Purge odors with the help of air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and other helpful tools and equipment

It is essential to remember that the heft of damage from a fire frequently does not come from the heat of the flames themselves, but rather the smoke and soot left behind. We have a proven process for handling the fallout from a fire, which includes the following steps:

    •    Containment: Our team puts barriers in place at doorways and entry points, then vent the room so that we can easily contain the soot within the loss area.
    •    Air Quality: We take necessary steps to ensure indoor air quality gets addressed by putting air scrubbers in place. This equipment grabs soot particles within the air, trapping them within the included HEPA filters.
    •    Documentation: Anything unsalvageable gets removed from your home. However, our techs carefully log each item taken away for insurance claim purposes.
    •    Pack-Outs: In some cases, we will pack up and move out contents for cleaning off-site or safe storage. This is also helpful so that our technicians have more room to work within the home.
    •    Cleaning: As with any fire damage project, we need to pay attention to odor removal and cleaning. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach, so we adjust our cleaning methods and products based on the residues present within the affected area.

SERVPRO of The North Fork is here to help with fire damage restoration on any scale. We have advanced equipment and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Call us at (631) 591-3771, and our crew makes it “Like it never even happened.”

How Can I Find Mold Removal Companies That Care For My Riverhead Home?

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling If you’re looking for a mold removal company you can trust, call SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.

Riverhead Residents Want To Know Their House Is Safe

Inviting a disaster relief company into your Riverhead resident takes a certain amount of trust and faith. You want to be sure that the people you choose are trustworthy.

People looking for mold removal companies in Riverhead are concerned about whether the company they choose will adequately take care of their belongings. SERVPRO understands this – that’s why we do our best to restore your home and items “Like it never even happened.”

Which parts of my home might mold damage?

Mold can grow anywhere that has moisture and a food source (such as cotton or paper). The tell-tale signs of mold include:

    •    Black or dark greenish patches on walls and ceilings
    •    Visible spots of mold around baseboards or water sources such as faucets
    •    That unmistakable stale smell that mold carries

Because spores can grow anywhere with the right conditions, you might find mold growing in:

    •    Your bathroom or wet room
    •    The kitchen or the laundry room
    •    The basement or attic
    •    Living areas such as the lounge, den, or home office

If you notice mold, it is vital to call a mold removal company as soon as possible before it spreads further.

How does SERVPRO take care of my house?

Our technicians are here to restore your home. We remove any damaged wallpaper or drywall and replace them if necessary. We use a range of mechanical scrubbing, wet cleaning, and dry cleaning to take care of any patches of mold we find.

We also set up containment around the outbreak, and use negative air machines if needed, to clean the air.

We monitor humidity and moisture levels through the mold remediation process, to ensure your home is dried carefully and to the correct level. Proper drying means it is harder for mold to grow, and also ensures your home and furniture are dried at the right speed, thus lessening the risk of warping or swelling.

What about my furniture?

If your furniture requires cleaning or disinfection, our teams can use spot cleaning, dry cleaning, and wiping down surfaces. We can also supervise removing your furniture if needed to complete the mold remediation job. We will store it securely in one of our storage facilities, and return it to you after. If your furniture requires any cleaning while in storage, we can do that too.

If you’re looking for a mold removal company you can trust, call SERVPRO of The North Fork at (631) 591-3771.