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How Long Can It Take to Restore A Water-Damaged Business in Riverhead?

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

a broken copper pipe leaking water When facing a pipe leak situation at your business, time is of the essence.Contact SERVPRO for effective commercial water damage remediation services.

SERVPRO Can Return Water Damaged Businesses in Riverhead to Their Pre-loss State

Whether it is a broken pipe or a leaking roof causing water damage to your Riverhead business, restoration specialists like SERVPRO can help you deal with the expensive and traumatic experience. Every minute lost due to your business not operating reflects in one way or the other in the losses you might make at the end. We work with insurance companies all the time and can help you return your business to its preloss state as soon as possible.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Dry Water Damaged Structures in Riverhead?

To prevent your water-damaged Riverhead business from experiencing secondary damage, our SERVPRO technicians act with speed from the time you get in touch. If the incident took place in a public library, the high humidity could cause damage to papers, books, and any existing artwork. It explains why our team uses advanced drying techniques and equipment to dry your property and ensure normal operations resume. To speed up the drying process, we perform the following:

  • We can use sophisticated equipment such as moisture sensors to determine the degree of wetness in materials such as carpets
  • We can use wands to extract any extractable water in liquid form
  • We can perform direct heat drying to evaporate water from wet carpets

SERVPRO of The North Fork is highly experienced in commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. Call (631) 591-3771 when the disaster strikes and you need a fast response.

Restoring and Repairing Wall Systems in Flooded Jamesport Homes

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

people standing in water boots in a room that has water on the floor Flooded? Team SERVPRO can help with water removal services. We are standing by 24/7 for your emergency call.

Flooding can cripple construction materials and require cleaning and repairs for Jamesport properties.

Wall systems are often one of the most heavily damaged areas of properties after standing water concerns persist from flooding. While flooring can take direct damage, each layer of the wall system has sensitivities to increased moisture and possible contaminants.

The Damaged Elements of a Wall System

Because flood damage in Jamesport homes can spread so fast and impact so many materials, understanding the expected results can show where controlled demolition or cleaning and restoration are the ideal approaches. Some of the affected materials include:

  • Drywall – Our technicians can use a non-penetrating moisture meter to determine if trapped moisture exists. Drywall can be restored only if no swelling or fungal growth concerns exist. 
  • Wood Framing – Even with minor warping or distortion, wood framing is restorable after thorough drying. 
  • Insulation – Often, the insulation itself is restorable, though damage to the backing paper might require removing and replacing this material. 

Can SERVPRO Complete Repairs?

Some restoration companies require you to obtain and vet subcontractors to help in controlled demolition and reconstruction. With a general contractor license, our SERVPRO team can help in these areas during and immediately following restoration actions to clean up after the flood.

After flooding, a series of restorative actions and repairs are needed to return the property to its original condition. With certifications and licenses, we can provide comprehensive solutions to recover damaged homes after flooding. Give our SERVPRO of The North Fork team a call today at (631) 591-3771.

How Should Riverhead Residents Avoid Fire-Damage Hazards in Their Properties?

6/27/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything Fire damage cleanup has to be done safely and effectively. Contact our SERVPRO team for certified technicians and the equipment to do the job right.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Handle Hazardous Substances during Fire Damage Restoration in Riverhead

There are cases where some Riverhead residents have attempted to do fire damage restoration without professional help after experiencing the unfortunate experience. Did you know that the loss site may have some harmful substances? It is the reason why we recommend letting trained professionals like our SERVPRO restore your property. We are trained to handle hazardous materials to remove and dispose of such substances following state regulations.

Which Hazardous Materials Do SERVPRO Technicians Handle When Restoring Fire-Damaged Structures in Riverhead?

Some of the cleaning products we use when restoring your fire-damaged Riverhead home are hazardous and need to be handled using appropriate personal protective equipment. For instance, some deodorizers are corrosive, so we wear rubber gloves and N95 masks to stay protected. Asbestos may also be a hazard in older buildings since it might have fire retardation or insulation. There might also be the danger of waking in an unstable building with a loose ceiling, cracked walls, and floors. To promote safety at the site, our SERVPRO technicians perform the following:

  • We use air scrubbers to remove any deodorization vapors that might be in the work area
  • We ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the area until the cleaning products have dried
  • We identify physical hazards which are likely to cause slip and fall dangers
  • We secure the site to prevent children and pets from accessing it

SERVPRO of The North Fork offers fire damage restoration services you can rely on in your time of need. Call (631) 591-3771 at any time of the day to work with certified professionals.

Why Riverhead Residents Need Skilled Storm Damage Removal and Restoration

6/9/2021 (Permalink)

a shot of a flooded floor with a person wearing water boots Storm damage cleanup is best left up to the professionals. Contact SERVPRO to assess the situation and remediate any damage.

SERVPRO Has the Manpower and Methods to Ensure Riverhead Properties Get Back on Track with Storm Damage Removal

High winds, falling debris, and rising groundwater levels make for the perfect storm that can bring damage to your Riverhead property. Many homeowners may see initial damage and think they can handle the cleanup, but there is usually more involved that calls for skilled technicians. Water damage repairs and cleanup is best handled by the pros at SERVPRO.

Storm damage removal in Riverhead calls for a plan tailored to the property and the event itself. SERVPRO has proven methods that we use for different projects to bring our customers rapid, efficient results. Areas that we may need to cover when called to your home include:

  • Board up and tarping services to address a leaking roof from storms
  • Basement flooding 
  • Sewage cleanup if the influx of groundwater disrupted your system
  • Treatment of contaminated flood water coming into your garage or home interior

The good thing about working with SERVPRO for storm response is that we have a network of professionals to assist in water damage repairs and content restoration. When some aspects of the project call for specific expertise, we may call in help from:

  • Fine art restoration professionals
  • Dry cleaning technicians
  • Electronic repair and restorations
  • Document recovery and restoration specialists
  • Furniture refinishing

There is no job too big or too minute for the team here at SERVPRO of The North Fork. If you need storm damage removal and flooding restoration, we make sure the job gets done in a timely fashion. Call (631) 591-3771, and we make it “Like it never even happened.”

Do Jamestown Commercial Locations Need Professional Water Cleanup?

6/5/2021 (Permalink)

a broken pipe with water leaking from it Water damage at your business location can literally shut you down. Call SERVPRO for a quick response and effective remediation services.

Jamesport Businesses Need Prompt Water Cleanup and Restoration to Limit Downtime – Call SERVPRO First!

Even an event like burst pipes at your Jamesport business could translate into immense, costly damage for repair and restoration. Not only could there be downtime, but you might also see a loss of revenue depending on the business itself. The SERVPRO Green Fleet is ready to go 24 hours a day to handle emergency services water damage calls!

Water restoration technicians (WRT) from SERVPRO know how to formulate a plan to handle your water cleanup needs in Jamesport. Not only are our water removal services second to none, but we have rapid drying methods and unmatched sanitization protocols to ensure the best results.

Not sure of the extent of your commercial water damage? Look for these signs:

  • Walls that develop swelling, bubbling, or feel soft to the touch
  • Flooring that has begun to buckle or warp
  • Paint that begins to peel 
  • Flooring or ceiling discoloration or water spots
  • Musty, foul odors

SERVPRO has many tools to facilitate rapid water cleanup and restoration, including:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Truck-mount extractors
  • Various tools and equipment to get into tricky spaces
  • Moisture sensors, meters, and detectors
  • Industrial-grade fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers

Of course, there can be some water cleanup jobs that call for water damage repairs when materials are no longer salvageable. SERVPRO offers controlled demolition services to assist with water damage jobs, including surface and structural material removal and replacement, flood cuts, and more.

Do you have questions about water cleanup at your commercial building? We are always here to help at SERVPRO of The North Fork. Call our offices at (631) 591-3771!

Flood Damage After a Riverhead Storm Calls for Prompt Action

5/31/2021 (Permalink)

a flood damaged room of a house with debris all over the floor Flooded after a recent storm? Team SERVPRO can help with water removal and flood damage remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Knows that Water Removal Services and Drying in Riverhead Must Happen Right Away After Flood Damage

Physical water extraction is just part of the process when you have flooding and other damage after a storm in Riverhead. Not only may you have groundwater coming into your first floor or basement, but you may also have a leaking roof from storms that lead to costly, unsightly ceiling leaks. SERVPRO acts quickly to begin the cleanup and hopefully lessen the impact on you emotionally and financially.

Do you have storm and flood damage in Riverhead? If so, you may not know where to begin or whether you should try to tackle the water damage repairs yourself. SERVPRO is composed of highly-trained water restoration technicians that stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and teachings.

Facts you may not realize about flooding and water removal include:

  • For water extraction to be efficient, it must get done fast. A single gallon of water standing in your home needs one hour for dehumidification or longer. Time is of the essence.
  • Poor extractions create higher humidity, making it take longer to complete the job. When this happens, secondary damage and mold growth sets in.
  • Controlled demolition is sometimes necessary to thoroughly remove saturated drywall, flooring, subfloor, and carpeting. Floodwater contains contaminants that can pose potential health effects. 

SERVPRO of The North Fork has the skills, manpower, and equipment to achieve better flood damage restoration results rather than DIY methods alone. If you need a crew to get started with water removal services, call us at (631) 591-3771.

How Essential Is Fire Damage Restoration In Riverhead Homes With Heavy Soot?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything When your property is affected by fire damage, you need expert help. Team SERVPRO is standing by with the equipment and the experience to help.

SERVPRO Handles Smoke Damage in Riverhead Properties Seriously to Prevent Health or Structural Issues

In the aftermath of a fire, most people focus on the deterioration of materials from the effects of the flames and heat. However, smoke damage can also be dangerous. The combustion process produces a combination of fine residues and dangerous chemicals which adhere to surfaces. Without proper restoration procedures, such materials can pose health risks to the occupants.

Incorporating smoke residue management into the fire damage restoration efforts in Riverhead helps prevent many future problems. For instance, soot has corrosive properties that can ruin finishes or damage metallic items through rusting. 

Apart from affecting the structure, light smoke residues left within the structure can escape into the air and, if breathed in, can cause respiratory issues. The best way to prevent such outcomes is to clean the property thoroughly. Our SERVPRO technicians use various approaches to capture the residues, including cleaning surfaces with chemical sponges and vacuuming soiled areas. We also open up assemblies such as cabinets and walls to reach all hidden residues when performing:

  • Fire restoration
  • House fire clean up
  • Water & fire damage restorations

SERVPRO of The North Fork handles fire damage restoration exhaustively. Call us at (631) 591-3771.

What Secrets Do Mold Removal Companies Use To Restore Riverhead Properties?

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on a wall Has the presence of mold affected your home? Contact our knowledgeable SERVPRO technicians to root out the cause and remediate the mold damage.

SERVPRO Seeks Ways to Minimize the Workload of Mold Removal in Riverhead Premises

Mold development in a business facility can have devastating consequences. Even when it does not damage the structure significantly, many people are wary of patronizing mold-infested properties. 

With the assistance mold removal companies offer Riverhead business operators, it is possible to avoid adverse outcomes after a case of mold. SERVPRO involves IICRC certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) to help you confirm whether there is an infestation without involving mold specialists. We review mild signs such as indoor air quality and the condition of surface finishes.

Tearing down walls, ceilings, and other assemblies to remove moldy materials or dry wet areas is time-consuming. Before embarking on such processes, our SERVPRO technicians seek alternative ways to identify the problem areas. We use thermal cameras to check for wet pockets behind walls or ceiling panels. We can also drill holes in strategic areas to confirm the presence of mold. Focusing our efforts on such areas helps limit the workload involved in:

  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold remediation

SERVPRO of The North Fork is one of the reliable mold removal companies in Riverhead. Call us at (631) 591-3771.

Can Cleanup Address Flood Damage in Mattituck Homes Effectively?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with items floating everywhere Does flooding have your property under inches of water? Have no fear, team SERVPRO can certainly help. Call right away for best results.

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Equipment and Cleaning Agents during Water Clean Up In Mattituck

When you glance at a map of Mattituck, the most outstanding feature is the Mattituck inlet, a major waterway that almost splits the hamlet in half and connects to the Long Island Sound. The water body is a combination of different waterways and creeks. It was dredged and usually serves people taking boat rides for pleasure. There are several other water bodies in Mattituck, including James Creek and Horton Creek, so the risk of flood damage to homes in the area is heightened.

The Heart of Wine Country

Mattituck is located in the heart of over 30 vineyards which form part of the Long Island wine region. The most notable ones include:

  • Macari vineyards
  • Rosehill vineyards and Inn 
  • Harbes family farm
  • Laurel lake vineyards

At the vineyards, people have the chance to sample various local wines and tasty foods. Spending time at a vineyard also provides a great environment for relaxation. 

Mattituck also hosts an annual strawberry festival on Father’s Day weekend. The event that runs for four days is billed as the Granddaddy of all berry festivals and draws people mostly from the surrounding rural farmlands. It features various entertaining activities, including games, rides, and performances. A queen of the Strawberry Fair is also crowned.

Historical Significance 

Mattituck was part of the land owned by Corchaug Indians, then sold to a governor of New Haven at the time, Theophilus Eaton. English colonists settled in the area in 1662 and pursued agriculture and trade development. During the revolutionary wars, it was occupied by British troops. A visit to some of the museums in the area illuminates the history of the area better.

  • Hallockville Museum Farm

The farm was created to preserve the farming history of the North Fork of Long Island. The main feature is the Hallock homestead built by Ruben Brown in 1775. The facility holds several animals and antique farm equipment.

  • Mattituck Historical Society

The facility located at 18200 Main Road was established in the late 1960s to educate the community about the diverse history and heritage of the area. It maintains several museum complexes and archives offering programs of interest and exhibits to people of all ages. 

What Makes Cleanup by SERVPRO after Flood Damage in Mattituck Better?

Flooding can leave your home looking like a dumpsite because of the soiling on surfaces and debris from damaged walls or ceiling materials. In addition to the visible issues, there is deep contamination. 

When addressing flood damage cases in Mattituck, SERVPRO deploys all the resources needed to clean up the property restoring it to its preloss state. Our technicians have a deeper understanding of chemical agents and use different types to ensure proper control of contaminants. For instance, when applying antimicrobial products, we consider whether they are disinfectants, sterilizers, or sanitizers. Sanitizers reduce microorganisms while disinfectants destroy up to 99% of the organisms they contact.

The results from a water cleanup exercise may also differ depending on the equipment used. Our SERVPRO technicians use powerful equipment such as rotating brushes or power washers to remove all soils from surfaces, thus making them ideal for: 

  • Cleaning Up after a sewer backup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Flood restoration

SERVPRO of The North Fork can clean up any property after flood damage. Call us at (631) 591-3771.

Is Hardwood Furniture Saveable with Fire Damage Restoration in Riverhead?

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged room with soot covering everything and debris everywhere Has fire residue affected your home? Call SERVPRO to put together a custom fire damage remediation plan fit for your particular situation.

SERVPRO Has Specialist Fire Damage Restoration Procedures for Residents of Riverhead

Hardwoods can be challenging to clean as they often have a lacquer or finish, which can affect their ability to counteract heat or smoke damages. Unfinished furniture can often respond poorly to solvents or other cleaning products, which, without careful pre-testing, can lead to staining or water absorption. 

When carrying out fire damage restoration in your Riverhead home, technicians pay special attention to hardwood furnishings. In some cases, the extent of the damage may be too severe for cleaning-based repair. These situations may be apparent when there are signs of blistering on the wood or extensive staining. SERVPRO can refinish hardwoods to return them to a preloss condition. 

  • The wood creme paste is a solvent cleaner that can remove cosmetic layers of finish with stains.
  • We use extra-fine steel wool to avoid damage to wood surfaces when agitating stains or smoke residues.
  • Semi-refinishing woods can help to remove water-marks or discoloration. 

Hardwoods can often be restored to a preloss condition with the correct treatment. Contact SERVPRO of The North Fork for fire damage restoration at (631) 591-3771.