Water Damage Photo Gallery

Basement with standing water on the concrete floor and lower brick wall

Remediating Cutchogue Basement Water Damage

In this photo, a Cutchogue property has experienced extensive water damage impacting basement floors and walls. SERVPRO professionals can extract this water, dry the remaining moisture on surfaces, and sanitize the space with EPA-registered, OSHA-approved antimicrobials.

Partially sealed SERVPRO Green drying pad, air movers, and a dehumidifier operating in a bathroom

Bathroom Water Damage Drying by SERVPRO of The North Fork

SERVPRO of The North Fork technicians responded to a call for bathroom water cleanup. Their low-profile extraction pad created a contained environment for more efficient drying. Air movers and dehumidifiers like those in the photo collected and removed moisture.

SERVPRO green floor drying mat implemented next to stackable air mover

Drying Floor Water Damage in an Orient Home

The Orient home in the photo endured flooring water damage in an upstairs hallway that required careful removal. SERVPRO floor drying mats allow for floor drying with little to no demolition while still remediating moisture content to a pre-damage state.

Finished basement with column supports and brown leather furniture

Mount Sinai Basement Has Water Damage From Pipe Burst

This finished basement in Mount Sinai had approximately two inches of standing water after a pipe burst. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO to extract the water and dry the basement. For large furnishings, SERVPRO dries on blocks when possible to limit the disruption to the home. 

Is your Laminate Floor Damaged?

Saturated laminate wood flooring becomes warped and damage. After a water damage improperly addressed your floors can be permanently damage and some cases even with mold. When this occurs, your only option becomes to replace the planks with new ones which specially with laminate floors it's really difficult to find perfectly matching laminate. No matter what you do, make sure you speak with a professional. 

Plumbing Issues is a Common Cause of Household Water Leaks

Many water damages start with a plumbing problem, while some plumbing issues occur within the walls and are impossible to detect, many happen because of pipe joints not being fully attached or your plumbing systems ages, rust and other forms of corrosion may eat away the pipes. If you have an older plumbing system, consider replacing the pipes at high risk of corrosion for newer. 

Protect your Home from Freezing Temperatures

Prepare and protect your household of the extreme temperatures conditions. Review this handy checklist, will help you be more prepares for whatever winter may come. 

  1. Check external walls. 
  2. Keep your garage door closed.
  3. Keep your gutters clean. 
  4. Keep attic vents and soffit clear. 
  5. Insulate pipes. 
  6. Satiety heat your home. 

Water Damage in Laundry Room

Dripping water from the ceiling is a sign you have a leak, first identify the source of a ceiling leak. Although identifying the source is not an easy task, finding the source could be like a puzzle that SERVPRO of the North Fork can resolve for you, we can go and inspect to determinate where the water is coming from, stop the source, identify category of water and damage assessment to prevent further deterioration to your property.

Floor Buckling in Southold, NY

Wood floor buckling are cause by excessive humidity inside or under your home. In water damage situations were the humidity in the entire house is high, not be able to control it soon enough can lead in a massive damage to your wood floors.

Ceiling Collapse in Riverhead, NY

You my not believe how a simple leak can become a nightmare for you. If water damages has compromises your drywall, it usually happens without a notice and entire ceiling crashes to the floor. You will see small dimples in drywall, if you see this happening move all valuables and furniture from the room before ceiling collapse. As shown in the photo all damage a simple leak can cause in your property.